CSO Capital Summit Day 1 (Central and Southwest Schools)

/CSO Capital Summit Day 1 (Central and Southwest Schools)
CSO Capital Summit Day 1 (Central and Southwest Schools)

The CSO Capital Summit provides CSOs with a unique opportunity to experience local government in action!  CSOs will learn from legislative experts how to take their collective action topics from idealization to implementation. CSOs will prepare a pitch and present to local legislators.

Programming Agenda:

9:15-9:45a Check in at Wesley Bolin Plaza

10-12p Civic Engagement Training – Legislative 101

  • Welcome from Governor’s Office of Education
  • Revisit Topics and Brainstorming (CSO Program Team)
  • Gubernatorial Staff (How to implement IDEA)
  • Lobbyists (How to Lobby 101)
  • Legislative Staff (Drafting of Bills)

12-12:45p  Lunch – Wesley Bolin Plaza (Activity tbd)

12:45-1:25p Practice Video and Presentation prep (Media Relations)

1:25-1:35p Room Prep

1:40-2:05p Team Presentations to Legislators

Teams  meet in the Historical Senate and Supreme Court Chambers.

To Register: 

To register your CSO’s please contact our Marketing and Communications Strategist at mnoonan@aztechcouncil.org

Looking for more information about the event, explore last year’s event photos:



1st Annual Chief Science Officer Capitol Summit 10-28-16



When is the Event?

On Friday, 10/27/2017 At Wesley Bolin Plaza for Check in starting at 9:15 A.M. : Event is from 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Where is the Event?

1700 W Washington
Phoenix, az 85007

Who is the Event being held By?

Arizona State Capitol

What kind of Event is this?

Off Campus

CSOs that have Attended this Event