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November 1, 2018 //

Kelly Greene

Author: Kelly Greene
After graduating from Bolivar-Richburg High School in rural western New York and joining the United States Army, Kelly Greene learned quickly to adapt to her surroundings to be successful.  She attended Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio and played shortstop on the Tiger softball team while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  After graduating from Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training, she traveled the world with the military. 
While stationed in Misawa, Japan, Kelly fell in love with learning about cultures around the world.  Even as a deployed Soldier during Operation Iraqi Freedom for two tours, she found opportunities to connect with the local children to form the Victory Base Council Girl Scouts with her fellow servicemen.  In 2013, she was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and traveled the country by air and had the opportunity to utilize the most advanced technologies available to the tactical HUMINT operations in theater. 
Upon return from combat, she retired with 21 years of service and began teaching 6th grade Math.  After being selected as a Westside Impact Teacher of the Year and having her Fiesta Bowl Charities Wish Granted for a morning news studio, she was asked to begin a new class on campus – 7th grade STEM!  Using her enthusastic nature and combined with her strong classroom management she was able to design curriculum based on the Engineering Design Process to have her 7th graders complete a new project every 2 weeks!  She is excited to serve as the Director of Student Success for the rapidly expanding Chief Science Officers Program.  Her goal is to push students just a bit outside of their comfort zone so they can see for themselves the power of their own ideas.
She can be reached at Kgreene@aztechcouncil.org.