CSO Alumni

A growing network of leaders across the globe making an impact in their communities.

Our Mission

Bring together CSO alumni in support of the CSO program and foster a vibrant community of changemakers and leaders through mentorship, networking, professional development and collective action.

Our Vision

We are Leaders

We use our experience, knowledge, and character to help CSOs achieve their goals.

We are Problem-Solvers

We help CSOs overcome obstacles by using our empathy, compassion, and critical thinking.

We are Changemakers

We use our resources and talents to positively impact the world around us.

We are Mentors

We work to inspire and educate the next generation of CSOs


A CSO alumn is a student who graduates from high school and participated in at least one year of the CSO program.

Meet The Board

The CSO alumni association is run by CSO alumni. The program is facilitated by an elected board of CSO alumni, who comprise the CSO Alumni Association Board. Members stay on the board for 2 years.

Andrea Acuña Quiroz

Sonora, Mexico

Emily Jaremba

GLBR, Michigan

Freya Abraham

Pinal County, Arizona

Kassandra Peralta

Sonora, Mexico

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