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October 15, 2019 //

CSO International Summit Blog – CSO Awrad

Author: Jasper Pena

Submission By: CSO Awrad

Hi I am Chief Science Officer Awrad, the elected CSO of Kuwait . This week was nothing but awesome! It was full of amazing places and people and I would like to talk about it .

So on Monday we went to the ASU office here in DC. It was amazing. We had great fun there and we learned a lot about our personalities; we had a fantastic time there. On Tuesday we went to THE CAPITOL HILL . It was fun going inside senators offices and talking to their staff about the program. On Wednesday we went to the DIA. It was crazy. I felt like an important person because most people are not allowed in the building and us as students got to go there. On Thursday we went to the NSF. It was great meeting different people who are in the STEM career paths. After that we went to SPY MUSEUM. It was really fun doing the little mission they had. Finally on Friday, we went to NASA . It was the best. I have been waiting for NASA since day 1. We had a great good bye dinner at the end of the day.

At last I would like to thank Mr. Jake for bringing this awesome program to KUWAIT. I would like to thank Ms. Kelly and Jasper for making this trip the best. I would like to thank my fellow CSOs for making this trip feel like a family trip.