Published Interview with AZ Parenting Magazine

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What made you want to get involved in the program?

My science teacher, Mrs. Debbie Nipar, told me about the program. After learning more about it, I decided to apply.

What does being a Chief Science Officer mean to you?

Being a CSO means networking with people to connect our schools, local industry and government to increase STEM awareness in our community. So far, our team has the support of our school principal and we are working with our mentor from Orbital ATK to introduce new science enrichment programs in our school district. In the future, we plan to contact city and local government to raise awareness for the importance of STEM in our community.

 How do you influence other students to be interested in STEM education?

I got interested in engineering because I always had fun with it. So to get my friends interested, I tell them about things like FIRST robotics, a high school competition that turns engineering into a sport. I also show them nifty electronics like Arduinos and Raspberry Pi Boards, which can be used to make doorbells, cellphones, and drones. At its heart, science is curiosity. Scientists ask questions about what they see around them. To really get interested in science, students just have to start questioning everything.

Why do you think it’s important for today’s students to be involved in science?

Students should be involved in science because the global economy is steadily become more science and technology
oriented. Students should look into careers in STEM to best prepare themselves for the new global job market. Do you plan to incorporate STEM into your future career paths? Absolutely! I especially see myself going into tech entrepreneurship