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We are actively seeking community leaders and professionals for student interactions and STEM educational opportunities. This is not your average mentorship – we are looking for JEDI level mentors to get involved and help cultivate young minds!

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Become a CSO Jedi Mentor – SciTech Jedi or community mentors are industry and community professionals who team with CSOs to help them navigate the adult bureaucracy and attain their voice in the community. Leveraging some of Arizona SciTech 800+ organizational connections, organizations such as State Farm, Intel, Orbital ATK, Honeywell, TGen, Flinn Foundation, Maricopa Community Colleges, PerfOpt, Pinnacle Transplant, onTop Technology have already enlisted members of their team. Roles of the Jedi will vary from site to site such as making a key introduction with a community member, providing guidance on event strategies or attending a community meetings as an additional supports. In schools Jedi mentors can serve an important role to help validate the importance of the CSO role with students and administrators in serving as a real world connection to the workforce. Globally, the CSO intervention may prove a unique strategy to engage new businesses and industry partners by providing mentors a framework of how their individual contributions contribute to a larger, collective impact through the statewide CSO cabinet. Meet some of our SciTech Jedi here

Lead a summer or fall institute session – As described above, the summer or fall institutes are a key opportunity for CSOs to not only learn skills but to connect with community leaders. As a result, there are opportunities to lead and/or support a summer institute workshop. Areas needed include PR/Communications, Leadership and 21st century skills; STEM & education policy; and a hands on STEM activity. For example the PR/Communications lead from Orbital ATK lead a 30 minute workshop on presenting your message to the public. The IT team from State Farm led a coding session. Leaders from Freeport McMoRan, Honeywell, Local First Arizona, Flinn Foundation, and Maricopa Community Colleges co-led a collective action discussion for our CSOs. Maricopa Community Colleges.

Host a regional cabinet meeting at your site Provide a unique experience for CSOs and open your doors on site! Organizations such as ASU, Orbital ATK and PerfOpt have already hosted teams of CSOs on site. Plans are in the works for a larger scale tour at the UA Medical campus in Phoenix and the Honeywell Airplane Hangar in West Valley. 


The mentee Chief Science Officer (CSO) is a middle to high school student elected by their peers to champion campus-wide interest, engagement and communication of science, technology and innovation both on and off campus. On the ground, CSOs will serve as the “voice” for their school, identifying science opportunities such as speakers, field trips, science nights, and ensure such opportunities reflect interests of their peers. They will serve as the school’s science ambassador and streamline the connection local scientists, STEM professionals and other STEM based organizations. Off campus, they will advocate for the school’s science opportunities at places such as city councils, school boards and chambers of commerce. Collaboratively, CSOs will function as a unified “cabinet” working to collectively engage in Arizona’s conversation about STEM and education.

Basic Programming

Students are elected for a 1 or 2 year term and must attend a high energy summer or fall science leadership institute prior to starting their role for the school year.

JEDI Mentor Role

What we are asking from our community partners?

A vital component of the CSO concept is for CSOs to meaningfully interface with the community. To this end, we are asking local community and business leaders to directly interface with the CSOs in their new ambassador STEM role.

Success of the next generation… is in your hands!

a) identify and engage in a local opportunity such as a city council, chamber of commerce, school board meeting

b) help identify an opportunity to bridge with their school such as a guest speaker, star party or STEM workshop

c) lead, teach and/or support a Summer/Fall institute workshop. Areas needed include PR/Communications, Leadership and 21st century skills; STEM & education policy; and a hands on STEM activity

d)  host a regional cabinet meeting at your site. Provide a unique visit and experience for visiting CSOs. Similar to the summer institute, lead and/or support a workshop.

Mentor Companies Gain:

An inexpensive and easy way to positively impact the community
An effective employee recruitment and retention tool
Early Access to students who plan to join STEM workforce
Exposure – brand recognition within schools and SciTech events

We all Win through Mentorship!