Chief Science Officers

Campus Science (STEM) Programming

CSO’s will implement STEM 1related events or projects on site. Students are encouraged to research existing opportunities and leverage these in their plans.

Suggested Activities (include but are not limited to):
School Assembly –  Integrate a high impact STEM experiences at a school-wide event.
STEM Night  – Coordinate a STEM celebration on campus bringing together STEM experiences and external community partners.
Campus Visitors, Star Parties – Arrange for community organizations to visit and engage the student body in experiential STEM opportunities such as star parties, science road shows, visits from zoos and etc.
Science Conversations – Engage the student body in key conversations and issues related to STEM.
Tour – Arrange an off-site tour for students to learn about STEM in the workplace.
STEM Themed Week Planning – Lead a student team in collaboration with school staff to organize and implement a STEM Themed week such as Engineering Week, Robotics Week, etc

CSO Communications

2Generate Excitement and overall appeal of STEM on campus! Promote events, programs, and school STEM superstars. Develop communication campaigns to engage student body in STEM through a media outlet.

Suggested Activities (include but are not limited to):

Blogs / Articles –  Write about exciting STEM happenings on campus such as science clubs and exceptional students. Publish in school or district newspapers, websites and reach out to community collaborators.
Newsletter  – Assemble an article for your school’s newsletter, magazine, newspaper to tell your school’s STEM story.

Social Media –  Make a YouTube Channel, get your blogs posted online at

STEM Ambassador

Chief Science Officers serve school,3
community, parents and state level leadership. Promote existing STEM programs and advocate future opportunities on behalf of school.

Suggested Activities (include but are not limited to):

Community Partners – Build partnerships with local businesses and community organizations looking to link with school related to STEM. Serve as a host when partners visit.
AZ SciTech –  Serve as the school’s liaison to AZ SciTech for key functions such as distributing program schedules and promoting STEM events happenings in the community.
On campus – Maintain an ongoing communication with faculty, administration, STEM clubs and student body and to understand needs and opportunities.
Participate in Community Functions –  Attend community meetings and advocate/network for science on behalf of campus. Consider local chamber of commerce meetings, trade organizations (Tech Council, AZ Bio) and STEM discussions (ASU, Arizona Science Center)
Legislative Action –  Reach out to local, state and federal leadership on behalf of STEM at school.
PTO/ PTA –  Attend parent meetings and inform community about STEM opportunities.
School Board –  Attend school board or other district related meetings and inform communities about STEM successes and outcomes with the CSO program.
Open House –  Attend school open houses and communicate to prospective parents and students STEM opportunities on campus.
Fundraising – Research and learn how to write small grants to enhance STEM opportunities on site such as community grants from APS and Freeport McMoRan.


At the end of the year, students submit reflections on all program goals.